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Both cannabis and hemp are from the Cannabis sativa plant. Hemp is a different strain of marijuana that is low in THC, typically 0.3%. Thus hemp-derived products do not contain sufficient THC to create the “high” traditionally associated with marijuana. This distinction is significant because 0.3% is the threshold under federal law to permit the legal cultivation and sales of hemp outside of the Controlled Substance Act.

CBD is a compound found in cannabis for which there is growing interest in medical research, applications in cosmetic products and health supplements. Determining the legality of such CBD products involves an analysis whether the source was a cannabis plant that had less than 0.3% and an analysis of regulations from the Federal Food and Drug Administration, Federal Trade Commission and any related State and local regulations. 

Our legal team works with hemp cultivators and CBD product manufactures and retailers on a regular basis. We follow new developments in the law closely to provide legal counsel to keep your business in compliance with emerging area of the law.

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