Corporate Counsel for Mergers and Acquisitions

Wicker Law Group is focused on providing a broad range of legal services for businesses, particularly in the realm of mergers and acquisitions for small and mid-sized companies. Our team of experienced attorneys offers expertise in various areas, including general corporate compliance, commercial leases, investment agreements and purchase sale agreements. All attorney services are billed on an hourly basis at $400 per hour, except the initial consultation which is a flat rate of $200. Below is a description of typical services provided.

Initial Consultation
We offer an initial consultation to discuss your business objectives, legal needs and potential mergers or acquisitions. During this session, we will assess the specifics of your situation and provide preliminary advice.

Due Diligence Investigations
Our firm conducts detailed due diligence investigations tailored for business mergers and acquisitions. This includes a comprehensive review of applicable Federal, State or local regulations, business contracts and all other relevant documents.

Contract Drafting and Negotiation
We provide expert assistance in the drafting, review and negotiation of contracts related to business mergers and acquisitions. This encompasses crafting agreements, facilitating negotiations, and ensuring compliance with all applicable laws.

Regulatory Compliance
Our firm analyses all aspects of your business transactions in order to comply with relevant laws and regulations. This may involve conducting a comprehensive legal audit to assess a client’s current compliance status. This includes reviewing policies, procedures and practices to identify potential areas of non-compliance. A tailored approach to corporate regulatory compliance is essential to address the specific needs and challenges faced by each client.

Business Entity Formation
Navigating license ownership, property ownership, intellectual property and investor rights requires careful consideration of the business entity. Our team is well-versed in complex business entity formations, including C-corporations, S-corporations, limited partnerships and limited liability companies.

Special Project Services
Our firm offers ongoing general business law consultation services to address day-to-day legal concerns and provide strategic advice. Examples of special projects may include distressed company acquisitions, litigation, dispute resolution and crisis management. Additionally, we are experienced in working with public officials to advance legislation benefiting businesses and consumers.

Escrow Closing Services
We provide escrow services during the closing phase of business mergers and acquisitions. Escrow services may include holdbacks where a portion of the purchase price may be placed in escrow to cover potential post-closing adjustments, indemnification claims or unresolved issues. Escrow services may also include earnouts where a portion of the purchase price is held contingent upon the business achieving certain performance milestones.

We look forward to assisting you in navigating the complexities of business law, mergers and acquisitions throughout California.

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